7 Day Market Data

by Stephen LaPorta 08/03/2022

7 Day RE Colorado Matrix Market Update


Most casual observers do not realize when they are looking at articles or see flyers that have market data in them that data is old and not a true indicator on what is going on in the market right now. The real estate market turns on a dime and most information that you are looking at is two to three months old and not a good basis to make your real estate decisions. The stats below are a seven day look from the RE Colorado Matrix system. The number that sticks out in these stats is the number of Price Decreases in the last seven days. Even the most casual observer knows that in the extended seller’s market, we just experienced a price decrease was a rarity. When pricing all you had to do was list at any price and due to competition, the property sold for more on most occasions. The market is returning to normalcy which creates more equitable transactions for everyone involved as well as the need to consult with a qualified real estate professional. If you need a real estate professional with market experience reach out to me at any time.



RE Colorado Matrix system Seven Day Stats


New Listing (1140)

Coming Soon (175)

Back On Market (255)

Price Increase (64)

Price Decrease (1776)

Pending (1142)

Withdrawn (183)

Leased (0)

Closed (1056)

Expired (282)

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